Employer Branding

DAY 4|5th of December

Interested in achieving employer branding excellence? Day 4 brings you an action-packed exploration of global employer branding perspectives and practical advice on how to bring your employer brand to life. Discover how art and science come together in real-life, inspirational strategies. Become a part of the emerging employer branding community of HR leaders, brand agencies and employer branding practitioners and define the future directions for your own organization.

Keynote speakers


DAY 4|5th of December



The Creator of the Employer Brand concept

Simon Barrow is best known in the business world as the ex-consumer goods Brand Manager (Knorr (now Unilever) and then Colgate) who created The Employer Brand approach and its mission ‘to bring the best of brand management to people at work.’ It was a radical idea back in the 1990s and The Employer Brand is now an established global concept with over 4 million Google results . He has to date completed over 500 EB assignments for clients and worked on 41 merger and acquisition projects where the people and cultural aspects are particularly challenging.

He is a global speaker on Employer Brand Management and the joint author of two business books – The Employer Brand - bringing the best of brand management to people at work (Wiley 2005)  and Employee Communications in Mergers and Acquisitions – the soft stuff is the hard bit (Gower 2009). His book of poems about people management Humanity at Work will be published shortly.

Simon is based in London. His education included a 12th Grade exchange scholarship in the United States followed by Christ Church, Oxford. He is a trustee of the Teaching Awards Trust aiming to increase the public recognition of great teachers at every level.

DAY 4|5th of December



VP Global Talent Acquisition & Engagement at Swarovski

Alberto has been with Swarovski for more than 32 years, mainly in sales and the last 8 years in HR. He had the chance to lead big teams in many different countries and for that he has lived in Switzerland and Austria. He's back now to Barcelona, where he was born 54 years ago. In his last job he's designing global strategies to attract and recruit the best talent and retain and engaged them in Swarovski.

Expert sales person that has developed his whole career at Swarovski, moving from regions to regions, learning and sharing his learnings with others. Alberto's interest towards people has convinced him to join the Global HR team and dedicate his efforts to engage and enable Swarowski's employees to perform at their best.



DAY 4|5th of December



Founder of Employer Brand Academy

Creating magnetic, engaging and high performing workplaces, Ali Ayaz is a business professional whose relentless drive to deliver, courage to consistently challenge, and unwavering integrity have earned him the reputation as a seasoned leader. Over the course of nearly three decades, he has garnered extensive experience in the business world, and 16 years’ experience in consultancy. To date, he has traveled to more than 50 different countries for various marketing and branding ventures, successfully completing various employer brand projects with multinational blue-chip companies in the automotive, banking, FMCG, IT, telecom, and retail industries. He is a chartered member of CIPD - the professional body for HR and people development.


Currently, Ali serves as an Employer Brand and HR Consultant at Modern Management Consulting, where he is well-versed in not only employer brand development, but candidate and employee surveys, recruitment, and employee engagement. He also works as the EMEA program manager for the Talent Board which conducts the Candidate Experience benchmark surveys and awards.

Case Study


DAY 4|5th of December



Employer Branding Specialist @ Atlantic Grupa

Starting as a Communications Trainee, Tina joined Atlantic Grupa in 2014 with the aim of challenging classic corporate communication models. Employer branding offered the ideal playground to foster her creativity, curiosity and wide range of interests and she soon joined on projects that developed this branch of expertise in Atlantic Grupa. In parallel, Tina developed professionally, working in Zagreb, Belgrade and Ljubljana Today she holds the position of Employer Branding Specialist and in liaison with Human Resources , Corporate Communications and Marketing, she manages all Employer Branding activities on a Group level.