Innovative HR

DAY 5|6th of December

Innovation – a buzzword or the most important tool for staying competitive in today’s fast-changing business world? Innovative HR Day brings some of the greatest HR minds to showcase new and innovative HR ideas and stimulate some exciting discussions around cutting-edge HR practices. If you’re ready to rethink traditional workplace models, speak Agile HR or Design Think your way to full-on HR transformation – this is the day for you!

Keynote speaker


DAY 5|6th of December



Founder at Kokoro GmbH and Regenerative Entrepreneur

Shawn builds new models of leadership that regenerate and create the conditions for ongoing innovation. He believes the intelligence of the heart has many of the answers and this is often overlooked. His focus for the last 15 years has been to support entrepreneurs and organizations all the way from Silicon Valley to the Balkans on the topic of innovative cultures, creativity and collective states of flow.



DAY 5|6th of December


Co-Founder & Chief Relevance Officer @ The Relevance House

German Ramirez is one of the select few who can truly claim to have been in at the birth of digital revolution. As a bona fide pioneer in the digital, social media and blockchain spaces, his credentials are second to none. Way back in 2013, he founded one of the first blockchain start-ups in Switzerland. And, drawing this vast experience, he’s been a trusted advisor to many entrepreneurs and executives eager to harness the power of marketing in a digital world. In turn, this led him to establish THE RELEVANCE HOUSE in 2018 to help blockchain-based companies build highly successful brands and businesses. If that weren’t enough, he’s also a highly sought-after public speaker, challenging and inspiring audiences around the world on a range of marketing, technology and innovation-related topics.

Visionary author, technophile, humanist, public speaker, snazzy dresser, beard curator and branding expert, German Ramirez’s passion, insight and expertise shines through as he explains how technology will change our lives and what we can do to capture the opportunities on offer in this new digital world. 

Case Study


DAY 5|6th of December


Digital Alchemist @ The Coca-Cola Company

Being in digital marketing scene for more than 15 years doesn't make you an expert by default. But it does give you the opportunity to see if your approach will stand the test of time. What makes Nemanja specific is the approach of placing a human in the very centre of it all. For several years has been working on big consumer mobile apps and now he is using that experience to help facilitate organizational transformation for Coca-Cola in Central and Eastern Europe. He will share his view on challenges and solutions in implementing agile, lean processes beyond IT.

DAY 5|6th of December


Founder @ Agile People Slovenia

Maja is an HR expert with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and retail industry. Skilled in talent management and organization design, with experience in change management, organizational culture, with a special interest in HR Innovation and Agile HR.


Maja's passion is helping leaders & HR to win with change – empowering value creation in digital times with strong teams, focused leadership and innovative HR.